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Ohh Whaff A Day !

The Waffles so Good, I don’t know if i love BELGIUM for there Women, Football Team or for bringing WAFFLES into this world ? Brain says its football, Hormones say it Women, But Heart says its Waffles.

Dark Chocolate Waffles and Oreo Waffles at Da Capo Cafe and Bistro

So its rainy Sunday morning you head out with your buddies driving around Navi Mumbai hoping to reach Lonavala soon, yeah i know just mumbaikar things. Suddenly there is hunger running around in the Car.

Spotted a cafe and got to it as soon as possible. Luckily, it also had Zomato gold privilege which is always an added advantage after all who doesn’t like free food ?  Da Capo Cafe and Bistro in Kharghar is the perfect place for morning hunger cure.

Starting off we ordered a Make Your Own Brunch in which we chose *Mashed Potatoes *Chicken Sausages *Baked Beans along with Two Scrambled eggs.

Make Your Own Brunch

Next up was the Chicken Tikka Club Sandwich, which was very well shredded chicken and lettuce along with some Mayo, tomatoes and also capsicum. The fries serve as perfect sides.

Chicken Tikka Sandwich

And then we finished off with the WAFFLES. The bill didnt burn a hole in our pocket. Take your friends along on a sunday breakfast and tag us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM  (Link next to Caption on top) @foodieneer .


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Human Relationships are basically Burgers !

If you are regularly following us on Instagram @foodieneer you certainly know we are a sucker for burgers, if there is a good burger around, we have to try it thats just how it is. We might not post all the burgers because sometimes the burger is over before the picture is taken.

So going with the title, just like any other day of looking for good food, came across a spectacular burger ‘ The Butter Chicken Burger’ at Coffee Culture, it is literally the best of both worlds in a Burger and it got me thinking ‘ITS WHATS ON THE INSIDE THAT MATTERS’, let me explain how ? In the world of social media where everyone is trying to make their relationship perfect and look happy, we always forget that relationships are two people sharing that special something between them and not how it looks to strangers or people on the outside

Just like burger buns, two humans on each side ( depends on who likes to be on top 😉 ), come together, the relationship is great if patty or the fillings are good to savour, enjoy each and every bite together, and not just look good but taste terrible. Just like that relationships can be lived if felt deeply and every moment enjoyed to the fullest and not just look pretty and end up a big mess ? Do not let the buns slide, hold on to it like you would hold on to your burger to get the perfect bite.

Wish i could have explained my silly thoughts better, i will save it for some other time, but for now just like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram and Zomato #foodieneer

Butter Chicken Burger
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Comida Fantástica.

Peruvian Saltado Paneer , Peruvian Saltado Chicken and Butifarra Sandwich

It tastes exactly how it looks – Fantastico

There is always an urge to try something new in life, as they say novelty is the spice of life. We found our spice at this food joint in Andheri called the TST-Pollo La A Brasa. They serve preuvian food which we heard for the first time, no idea there was a cuisine by this name and lord it was so good to have come across this gem of a place.

So as you know we are a sucker for Burgers, and if you get to try a new kind of burger and also one that looks delicious AF, much more than what it looks in the pictures, on top of that it has exotic peruvian veggies with lightly toasted buns, ohh buns. No not that buns **wink**. The tikki is utterly fresh and fried to perfection, It is easy to eat this burger as the tikki is well placed and they serve it so well. The sauces are classic and add a new fascinating taste to the burger, they offer fries too. We had the same burger in two variants i.e Paneer and Chicken because “preferences”.

The butifarra sandwich is not as simple as it looks like, its loaded with chicken and egg salad along with another veggies and also served with fries and sauces.

The Bell-peppers, kale along with other spices add a hint of another kind of cuisine and thats exactly what you need, to get away from the regular Bun, patty and tomato combo.

The next time you are craving a novelty spice in your life, find no more and head straight to TST-Pollo La a Brasa, its a small joint in the lokhandwala market lane, easily spotted. This place is giving peruvian food the attention it deserves.

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WHERE: KEVENTERS, multiple outlets.

A chain of outlets for milkshakes since 1925 Keventers is spreading the love for milkshakes with all the right flavours. The shops have been recently gaining popularity for the quality milkshake provided by the amazing people here.

We tried it across two outlets , The one in Bandra and the other one in Kandivali. The shops are simply designed with little or no seating capacity. The milkshakes are offered in two sizes : Small and Large.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-27 at 20.20.37 (1)
Bottle lid for Keventers
WhatsApp Image 2017-08-27 at 20.20.37
Strawberry Milkshake size:small
WhatsApp Image 2017-08-27 at 20.20.53
We couldnt wait until we clicked a picture, so here is an empty bottle. size:Large


The Luscious Blueberry was a large one which consists approx. 400ml of quantity, this comprises of Milk, Ice cream and Blueberries obviously. The milkshake has a good consistency making it very thick which is  major problem with a lot of other outlets. Blueberries were in negligible amount, it contained a large amount of ice-cream which made the milkshake taste more like vanilla milkshake. Keventers can do better on this part, because we don’t want to have vanilla milkshake for Rs.236 after adding GST.

Strawberry milkshake was much better and completely did justice to what it stands for, the rich strawberry, the texture, the environment around the shop. They made it to near perfection.

All in all it was a mixed experience, bottomline would be that it is kinda hyped and the taste should be consistent across all outlets. But it is a must try as you should be a part of the hype.

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It was a Waffle, Muffin and Freak Shake kinda night.

WHERE: Di Bella Cafe , Borivali west.

Red-velvet muffin
Melbourne Freak Shake
Gold Coast Pretzel Freak Shake
Rocky road waffle
The Chocolate overload waffle

There opens a new café in the town , they give free cappuccinos on opening day and we couldn’t hold back , but looking at enormous crowd already turned up I thought our luck didn’t favour us on that particular day and decided to visit some other day.

So DI Bella Café, the Australian chain of cafes with its inception in Brisbane,2002 , finally opened in borivali west(Mumbai) and we visited it on a Friday night, yes a café on a Friday night is completely our thing. It can be easily spotted opposite Kora Kendra grounds, since it is adjacent to the road parking can be an issue. The waiting time is minimal and the seating capacity is fairly big enough in the open area and comparatively less inside the café, somehow managed to get a seat inside.

RED-VELVET muffin , which appeared like a muffin, perhaps didn’t taste like one , it typically had no taste of red velvet and minimally looked like a muffin,it was a sheer disappointment as we expected it to turn out much better than it was. We know that it wasn’t the deserved muffin when first crumbs broke into our mouths and with it came the disappointment.

Then came the Highlight , the freak shakes The Melbourne Freakshake is for the hardcore chocolate fans with its premium chocolate milkshake in rich cream chocolate ganache with a hint of milk chocolate , topped with fresh whipped cream, chocolate sticks , Oreo and Australian waffle it sets the mood instantly. The tiny dark chocolate crispy pearls on the side of the chilled glass make this a visual and picturesque treat. As you grasp hold of the glass and draw in like a vacuum, as the chocolaty goodness crawls up the straw, rolls over your tongue and find its way to your belly, be careful not to waste a drop of it , and for an instance you will wish that it never got over .Yes, fuck calories.

The Gold Coast pretzel milkshake is for the ones who want to try something different from chocolate. It is a rich, smooth, well blended caramel milkshake which comes with a bar of TWIX chocolate, topped with whip cream and caramel pearls on the sides. The gold coast pretzel on top looked perfect and completed the freak shake. As we looked upon the glass, mouth started to water and instantly get hold of the straw and the caramel fills my mouth and gives a feeling of completeness. The pretzel though was salty, we don’t know much about the traditional taste of pretzel (a middle European breakfast item), but something didn’t seem right. With the freak shakes , di bella steals the show, it is also trending on zomato for this category.

Then followed the Waffles (widely popular in Europe), we have a bias for waffles and completely dig them, The aroma of the waffles surrounds the café, you know you have had a good treat the moment you take the first bite, the sweet smell of chocolate rises into the air

Di bella here didn’t quite match the earlier standards set by the outlets at Andheri and Bandra. The Rocky road felt raw , apart from that the overall taste of the waffles is satisfying as it has marshmallows, almonds and lots of chocolate.

The Chocolate Overload is probably one of the best waffle on the menu, the name says it all, if you are someone who cannot get enough of chocolate then see no more and go for this, you will not be disappointed there. The moment you savor the first piece it bombs your mouth with chocolate and you know that the name perfectly sums up the waffle experience.

The service was relatively slow on that night, The waffles can get much better but since the café was only a couple days old they deserve the exception.

The coffee didn’t disappoint and they also have a wide range of breakfasts to choose from, so hop onto Di Bella for an experience.

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Love for Burgers.

DO you love burgers ? Does your mouth water when you get a whiff of the delicious burger ? Do you know the feeling when special sauces ooze onto your fingers ? Do you know the feeling when you take the first bite of heaven ? Have you ever gotten excited at the news of a new burger joint open ? The look of the burger matters a lot to us, if it doesn’t look inviting its not worth it, the smell of the best sauces and how they mix with the perfectly carved patties. Whenever there is a new place in town and it has great burgers we know we have to try it.


7 incher and Non Veg jawbreaker with fries
IMG_1957 (1)
7 Incher
IMG_1959 (1)
Jimis Menu
Crispy chicken with Green apple cooler

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Tearing apart the Beast

How does that treat your eyes  ?

The 7 Incher is for the beast In you, yes don’t fret over it, you can take 7 inches all of it ,ofcourse the burger 😛 is what I am talking about. Packed with 4 juicy chicken patties made in heavenly in-house sauces , salami , fried eggs,4 slices of cheese, topped with fried bacon in the classic buns  and all the tender care put in by the chef to make this burger what it is.

This is our first blog post and have been thinking of places to write about , our search came to an end on a gloomy , traffic-packed Saturday afternoon when we decided to try JIMIS once again after they had moved into the larger place, I have visited jimis earlier but that was just normal burgers , had never thought of getting my hands on a Jawbreaker, because back then I thought my jaws couldn’t take it J.


This place is always filled with people no matter what time of the day, suggest you guys to go 30 minute before your hunger strikes. We got our seats or I can say fought through for our seats approx. 35  mins after placing the order, This outlet is huge compared to the earlier one, but still get packed , now you know why its worth the wait, the wait came to an end , finally, there it was on my table , waiting to get destroyed

PS: our expression was the same that of the dog on the t-shirt in the image background.

The burger looks just delicious. Don’t directly get your hands on the burger the moment it arrives. Hold your breath, ask your intestines to be with you, hold it with both your hands , because JAW-BREAKER and savour the first bite , first times are always messy but utterly satisfying 😛 , Don’t stress over it, we got you covered , jump on to this link to see how we aced it like a PRO and took on the jaw-breaker double-handedly (well not literally), the moment the first bite sinks in you will definitely end up with sauces on your hands, and cheeks even, cheese rolling out of the burger, half patty out already but you cannot help yourself and are probably in it for another bite. Make sure you have the tissue boxes refilled, trust me you will need it.

The other burgers we tried were Crunchy fried chicken burger which does complete justice to its name with the 2 perfectly crisp patties placed inside buns and topped with in-house sauces and lettuce.

Veg jawbreaker which has classic potato patties , grilled cottage cheese, jalapeno , bell-peppers and topped with caramelized onions, filled our mouth with the refreshing taste of the carrot and mint sauce and tenderness of the cottage cheese, it doesn’t literally break your jaws but you are surely in for one hell of a burger.

The classic non-veg jaw-breaker which has the same contents as of a 7-incher, just half the size namely 2 chicken patties, 2 salami ,2 cheese, bacon and fried eggs.

The Green-apple cooler is out of the world , you probably will not stop at one as we couldn’t ,it’s a game changer drink and I wish I could get my hands on the recipe for this one. Perfectly well-balanced taste to treat and tantalize your taste buds.

For sides we had classic French fries which were plain fries, because JIMIS doesn’t offer fries with its burgers.

To explore the great burgers yourself do visit JIMIS BURGER, No. 13-14 Pleasant Park, Off Link Road, Opp Movie Time Cinema, Evershine Nagar, Malad West, Mumbai. Walking distance from infinity 2 mall.

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Sharing the love for man’s primary need=FOOD

It has been said a lot of times that “No love is sincerer than the love for food” and i completely abide by the wisdom that this saying imparts.

So the most loved (and trolled) profession being ENGINEERING , Engineers love Technology, so what do you name a engineer who loves food as much as Tech or maybe a little more :), yes you read the name right FOODIENEER.

The only reason for starting this space was a quote that I came across “You can’t just eat good food. You’ve got to talk about it too. And you’ve got to talk about it to somebody who understands that kind of food.” the realization of how i always wanted to express to my friends about how great the delicacies at a particular place were , or when my friemds wanted to tell me how i should go and try a new place in town, why just keep the Love to ourselves , the people reading this blog deserve the LOVE.

Nothing but tried and tested thoughts on one of MAN’s most basic need.

You can be a Doctor, CA, Pilot and Batman too, well if you can be Batman always be Batman. But we all Love one thing, that is Food (not to mention free WIFI too 😀 ).

Yours Foodiely,